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About us

Welcome to Ikon Elevators ( Lifts ), The Elevator & Escalator division of Ikon Group of Companies. We have established in year 1998. We have reached a long way and established a reputed on in market to provide branding Products & Services of superior quality, we have satisfactory supplied, erected, several lifts of Ikon make having trouble free maintenance. We are proud to have a team of trained and skilled technicians who are availed at the shortest possible time to meet the demand, emergency break down and to provide immediately services to our clients. After all “ Time is the most” important criteria in this field and we do our best to meet customer satisfaction at a very short notices.

We also in provide supply, erection, maintenance and up gradation services for equipments like escalators, Cranes, Special types Control Panel like AVR panel, DT gate panel. We also provide services for other reputed brands. In last 20 years Ikon has established itself as a fast growing company, as a reliable supplier and erection and maintenances’ of heavy equipments. We having more than 450+ establishments’ .Ikon is on right path as one of leading company in this region.


We are extremely proud of our long - standing relationships with clients, After all, we recognize that our reputation depends on our continuing ability to furnish superior trading services.

IKON Engineering & Electricals Pvt. Ltd. is pledged to provide service in a timely manner for we value our client's time and do strongly believe in "time is money". No wonder IKON E&E is serving a satisfied customer base of 400+ today.

Our Motto is to maintained consistency and standardization in every aspects. We offer you a Reliable, Attractive, Durable, Safe, Economic and Quality products suitable to your elevating. We posses rare combination of professional experience in all phases Electric, Electronic and Mechanical work.

Our Aim is to give best quality and trouble free service up to customer satisfactions. We ensure all components used are as per Indian Standards.


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Heavy Engineering Works

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Technical Information

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Vertical Reality

Elevator Systems - Dimensions

Elevator Systems - Dimensions

Safety Measures

Issued in a Public Interest

Care taken during Installation of Elevator ( Lifts )

How to test the lift after erection

  • Check whether the lift does not start when the door is open.
  • Check whether the control is off when one phase is not there.
  • Check whether the control gets off automatically when the lift slips 6 inches below the ground level and 6 inches above the top levels.
  • Check the main safety for free fall.
  • Check whether the Motor takes the proper load as indicated in the capacity load.
  • Check if the lift is inspected by the lift inspector.
  • Ensure the supplier has a PWD license for lift operation

Things to be checked in case the lift is not working

  • Check the power. All three phases should be available.
  • Check whether all the gates are closed properly.
  • Check all the fuses.
  • Check the overload relay and reset it.
  • Check lift in running mode for any noise.
  • If any major noise is observed report immediately to the company

Remedies or what should be done if a person gets stuck in the elevator

    When the lift stops between the floors:

  • Switch off the mains supply.
  • Release brake system.
  • Give manually rotate the motor pulley so that lift cabin take is brought towards up or down direction near the nearest floor (If possible always give up direction for ease.)
  • At the nearest floor, apply brake.
  • Open both the doors.
  • Rescue the person.
  • Contact Elevator Company immediately.

    If not possible:

  • Switch off main supply.
  • Use de- locking system to open outside doors.
  • Open car door
  • Rescue the person safely.
  • Contact Elevator Company immediately.

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Mr. Mahesh Shinde




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Corporate Off : 9 Pushpa Tower, Padmavati Corner, Pune Satara Road, Pune - 411 043
Works : 253 Navin Vasahat, Katraj, Pune - 411 046.
Phone : 020-24231550 | 9021523506
Fax : 020-24231550
Mobile : +91 94220 23506
Branch Offices :
Kolhapur : Krushna Kunj, Mangeshkar Nagar, Kolhapur.
Vasco (GOA) : Ground floor, Hotel Manish Building, Vasco
info@ikongroup.co.in | sales@ikongroup.co.in